A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

"A devotion may be someone's only Bible for the day."

Today's Devotion

Peace in Life's Storms

Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?  Mark 4:41 ESV

Photo courtesy of author.Another unexpected hospital admission. I had to decide whether to stay or go on a planned retreat. The decision was tough, but I felt the nudge to go.

I stood on the beach on a nice chilly January morning, reflecting on this current storm and all the other storms my family had experienced during the last two years. I needed time alone to rest without family—time to pray and seek God’s help for my loved one’s health.  

As I watched the wind blow and the waves rise and fall, I thought about the disciples who found themselves in a storm carrying waves that threatened to sink their boat. They were terrified. Jesus was in the boat with them, but He was sleeping. The disciples woke Him and asked if He cared that they would drown.

Jesus spoke to the wind: “Quiet! Be still!” Immediately, the wind died down and the sea calmed. Then Jesus asked the disciples, “Why are you so afraid, do you still have no faith?” When they saw what Jesus did, they asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey him!” 

This story brought a new sense of comfort that Jesus was in this storm with my family. I was not sure how this health storm would be resolved, but standing on the beach I felt a renewed calm and peace. I whispered a silent prayer, “Lord, open my eyes to see your armies of deliverance.”

Not long after I returned home, my loved one was discharged from the hospital. The Lord stilled another storm. In the presence of Jehovah, the waves of trouble collapse and storms subside as we trust in Him.

The storms will come and go, but God is omnipresent. He is the Prince of peace in the storms of life. Trust Him with your storm.

(Photo courtesy of author.)

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Tope Keku

Tope Keku is a speaker, blogger, mentor, and Bible teacher. Her passion is to encourage women who face hardships to embrace the hope of Jesus while discovering hidden treasures in adversity. She connects with women by sharing the wisdom and insights she has gained from Scripture, by inspiring them to develop a hunger and passion for God’s Word, and by teaching them how to apply it to their lives. She currently leads a women’s small group at Cresset Church. She led a women’s Bible study in her home for thirteen years and was a group leader in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for three years. She is a wife and mother and enjoys reading, writing, cooking, researching, and hanging out with friends. Visit Tope at www.HiddenTreasuresandRiches.com.

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