A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

"A devotion may be someone's only Bible for the day."

Today's Devotion

Stuck with You Forever

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.  Matthew 28:20 NIV

Photo courtesy of morguefile and Fanny. Finally, I’m done! I turned off the sweeper. The cleaning job I dreaded most was finished.

After working all week, Saturday is my day to clean. Once breakfast is finished, I gather cleaning supplies for a morning of scrubbing, spraying, dusting, and sweeping. Of all the tasks at hand, sweeping is the one I detest the most. The reason?  I have two cats.

Fuzzy has long hair that sheds. You can spot it immediately. Tabby’s light colored fur is short and blends in with the furniture. Because my cats sleep on the couch, I vacuum it hoping to eliminate the hair that has accumulated throughout the week. Unfortunately, no matter how much I vacuum, I always seem to find another tuft of fur shortly after I turn the sweeper off and put it away.

As I vacuumed the cushions one morning, two thoughts occurred. First, I was grateful. Even though I detest it, I was glad I had cat hair to sweep up. If there were no hair to sweep up, my home would lack the enjoyment my kitties bring and the laughter their antics provide. Second, I decided vacuuming was daunting. No matter how hard I tried, I would never get the last hair. There would always be cat hair stuck to the lamp shade, tucked between the cushions, or plastered to a piece of clothing, reminding me of the presence of my loved companions.

Then another thought occurred. As odd as it sounds, Jesus is a lot like cat hair. Once you invite Him into your heart, it is impossible to extricate Him. You will never be able to sweep Him totally away. Evidence of His presence will remain tucked forever in the crevices of your soul waiting for you to rediscover Him—reminding you of the joy He brings into your life. Jesus will be your constant companion. He will make you smile. He will bring you comfort and peace when you are sad. He will do many things a pet can do. But one thing Jesus provides that a pet cannot is eternal life. What a blessing!

So the next time you finish sweeping and find an unwanted pet hair still remaining, remember Jesus.  Get used to the fact that He is stuck with you forever. 

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and Fanny.)

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Sheryl Baker

Sheryl Baker is a wife, mother, and grandmother living in La Porte, Indiana, with her husband Ben.  During the day, she works as a customer service specialist. In her spare time, she loves to write.  Sheryl is a published writer who enjoys bringing hope and encouragement through God’s word.  Her devotions have appeared in Power For Today, christiandevotions.us, and will soon debut in Light from the Word. She is a contributing author of Spoken Moments. She also maintains her weekly blog Spun By the Potter: Discovering God In Everyday Life. To see more of Sheryl’s writing, visit www.spunbythepotter.com. 

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