A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

"A devotion may be someone's only Bible for the day."

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He's Got Your Back

This is what the LORD says: Do not be afraid! Don't be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God's.  2 Chronicles 20:15

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)“He begged me to fire you.” Those were hard words to process as I listened to my boss share the details of a disgruntled employee’s quest to get rid of me.

Betrayal hurts, especially when it comes at the hand of someone you thought was a trusted friend—someone you love and who, on the surface, loves you in return. 

After it was over, I looked back over the past couple of years and saw a pattern. My trust had been placed in the wrong person. Fortunately, I could also see how God had helped me stand strong in the face of adversity when I wanted to tuck-my-tail-and-run like a wounded puppy. 

That scenario brought back other memories of how God has brought me through similar situations unscathed, much wiser, and with my integrity intact. There were many times my flesh wanted to retaliate and my mouth wanted to scream, “Unfair!” Thankfully, I listened to the still, small voice inside and took my problem to Him. 

God says the battle is His. Whenever I’m temped to pick up a stone and throw it, He tells me to use only the sword of the Spirit—His Word. When I trust Him in the crisis, He sends His angels before me and covers me with the precious, shed blood of Jesus. His glory closes the gap and becomes my rear-guard. In other words, He’s got my back. 

The Bible gives numerous accounts of battles won by anything other than natural means. Moses had to keep his hands raised to heaven in order to win the battle. Gideon had to send all of his soldiers home except for a handful. Joshua led his army on a hike and then instructed them to shout until the walls of Jericho fell. 

The truth is God’s hands are not tied by our limited thinking, and He is never caught off guard by our problems. He is faithful, all-powerful, and has boundless resources and creativity. The best part is that He has promised to never leave or turn away from His children. 

In other words … He’s got your back. 

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

Andrea Merrell

Andrea Merrell is an author, editor, workshop leader, and mentor. She has a passion to encourage other writers, helping them sharpen their skills. Andrea has been published online and in numerous anthologies. Her first book, Murder of a Manuscript: Writing and Editing Tips to Keep Your Book Out of the Editorial Graveyard, is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her next book, Praying for the Prodigal, will be released in 2015. Andrea lives in South Carolina with her husband, Charlie. For more information or to contact her, visit www.andreamerrell.com or www.thewriteediting.com.

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