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Spirit & Body

We have two bodies as such. The physical body and our spiritual body. The Spirit is an important part of both. Giving our hearts to Christ brings that spiritual body into balance and therefore, helps us understand the ups and downs of the physical body – even accept them when others cannot.

Faith and the Basement

Who would have thought faith could be formed in a basement.

The house where my children grew up had a finished basement. My husband’s workshop was housed there for nearly thirty-five years. The basement became the place where anything needing repair went. Whether a broken lamp, a bookcase, or a toy, my engineer husband took it downstairs. When it came back upstairs, it was whole again.

One day, while having a conversation with my six-year-old son about the things his dad took to the basement to repair, he said, “If I broke my arm, Daddy could take me to the basement and fix it.” The innocence and faith of children. They are trusting and have faith in their parents.

This is the kind of faith God wants Christians to have—total trust in Jesus. Luke chapter eighteen says we must become like children to enter the kingdom of God. Just as my son trusted in his earthly father, we must trust our heavenly Father with everything.

Regardless of our age, we should maintain childlike faith in God, which comes from putting our trust in Him.

Pray for God to help you focus on Him in a childlike way, realizing your dependence on Him for everything.

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A Text from Jesus

I became lonely as I walked in the La Push rain forest in Washington State.

The stillness of a rain forest, when a person is deep inside, is like a blanket wrapped around the shoulders. Looking up, I saw brown squirrels walking quietly on moss-covered limbs. On the branches, tiny droplets hung and then dropped on my upturned face.

Being alone in a vast forest wrapped in suffocating silence does things to people. They shrink into themselves, feeling afraid and small. Or they grow as they open up to the immensity around them. A bit timidly, I watched a Steller Jay fly from branch to branch above my head. He was at home in the forest—not lonely.

Opening up my heart and mind to the immensity around me, I received a text from Jesus. He said, “Come to Me.” It was nice to hear from Him.

Recently, our daughter-in-law came to visit us in Surprise, Arizona, and I remembered my walking in the rain forests of Washington State. She taught me a valuable lesson about the immensity of Almighty God.

As we were having dinner, I mentioned my experience at La Push. Our daughter had chosen to spend her birthday with us. She needed a break from the rain of Seattle. Our son had graciously offered her a break from the kids and weather. She had done the same for him when he wanted to get away from building homes in the rain and fly to Hawaii with a couple of his friends.

At dinner, I mentioned how I had felt so small in the rain forest and how I had started to draw into myself. She replied, “I feel that is a natural reaction. As a C.P.A., when I was in training at the university, I often drew into math when I felt overwhelmed by immensity. I felt I could always find the answer there if I tried hard enough.”

She continued, “People are like horses with blinders on to keep them from being frightened and overwhelmed by the immensity of Almighty God.” Her statement is powerful and so true.

My daughter is right—as I was in answering the text from Jesus. He was the answer to my loneliness when I was in the rain forest. He will be the answer to any problem you face as well.

When Jesus texts, answer. 

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The Fountain of Youth

Since Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden, aging has been a plague, and mankind has sought the secret of youth.

Many historical figures explored waters thought to have healing and restoring properties. Alexander the Great was said to have found a “river of paradise” in the fourth century B.C. Some Europeans believed the mythical King Prester John had a kingdom with a fountain of youth and river of gold. The most famous of the youth seekers was Juan Ponce de Leon who, according to legend, found a fountain of youth close to St. Augustine, Florida.

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine has been a tourist attraction since the early 1900s. A cemetery and Spanish mission dating back to 1565 have been discovered near the park’s site. How ironic that a cemetery would be placed near a fountain flowing with youthful, life-giving water. If only the legend were true, bones wouldn’t be lying nearby.

During the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus proclaimed if anyone wanted living water they should come to Him. After centuries of law weighing heavily on the Jew’s souls, the significance of the sacrifice during the feast was lost to many. It had merely become a ritual instead of a shadow of what was to come. The promises of the Messiah would take away their burdens, yet when He stood before them they didn’t recognize Him.

When Jesus offered living water to the woman at the well, her soul was refreshed. She knew a miracle had taken place in her life, and she ran to tell the news. After being filled with the Holy Spirit, believers watched living water pour out of them on the Day of Pentecost. A flood of salvations birthed the church.

Many still seek youthfulness in the wrong place, hoping a new technology or miracle drug will reverse the aging process. But only the living water from the true fountain of youth will give us eternal life.

The invitation is open for you to come and drink.

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Vessels of Clay

Imagine yourself in a desperate situation deprived from the life-giving element of water.

You desperately seek to quench your thirst by finding a vessel full of water. The splendor of the vessel is meaningless because you are seeking to quench your thirst by the water the vessel holds. The vessel is simply the medium to quench your desperate situation.

We are vessels used by the Lord to impart the living water of the Lord to desperate people around us. We can get so consumed with our outward presentation that we don’t seek to be filled with the Lord ourselves.

The fullness of the Lord is what people are seeking in our testimonies. The vessel apart from the water is of no use to anyone. But a vessel full of water is a life-giving element used to save many. By the same token, the water without the vessel falls to the ground. The vessel and water work hand in hand as a tool to those who thirst. The vessel is not greater than the life-giving water, but the vessel is a part of the relationship.

We are joint heirs with Christ, and apart from Him we are of little use to the world around us. In the relationship with the Lord, we are a vital part of the call to the Great Commission. We are united in Him for great things, and we have been refurbished to receive and give His love. We can get so caught up on the outward that we fail to see the importance of the transformation going on inside of us.

When we are full of Christ, we can pour out His unconditional love and purpose to those who are dying from sin. You will never feel perfect or ever achieve perfection in the body on earth, but the Lord is filling the cracks in your vessel and creating depth within your soul for great things. The pain and discomfort is only a temporary feeling compared to the glory that will be revealed in your testimony. 

You are saved by God’s mighty grace and have been perfected by His love. You are a beautiful vessel ready to be used by the Lord to affect the world around you. 

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Front Yard or Back?

Now that the danger of frost has past, I’m thinking about the care of my front and back yards and debating between pine straw and mulch.

I was thinking about using less expensive pine straw in the back and mulch in the front, but the man who would help with my project discouraged me. “It’s not going to look as nice in your yard for the money you’d save,” he cautioned. So I arranged to have mulch in both places. The yard’s appearance improved, but called for color.

As I walked through a plant nursery, I evaluated the types and colors of flowers. I calculated the expense of purchasing the right flowers and the right amount. I’m the only person who sees my backyard from my office, screened porch, and sunroom, I thought. Other people see the front yard, not my fenced-in back yard. 

So, I decided to forego the expense and settled on a brilliant fuchsia impatiens planter for my front porch and three containers of petunias to use in parts of the front yard. Meanwhile, my back yard was devoid of color.

I pondered today’s Scripture as I thought about my decision and related it to my heart: For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. We often take great effort to maintain our “front yards.” That image—what people see—looks attractive. But my backyard? Well, it doesn’t always resemble the front yard. I sometimes try to hide what’s there.

How we maintain our front and back yards takes caution. We can go through the motions of service because we’re pressured to participate. Our personal motives may not be genuine. We can wear a smile, pretending all is well, while our hearts hurt. We can give the right answers, but still have doubts about faith.

Maintaining our personal yards can be costly. Wise counsel often leads us to make hard decisions that will benefit us and others. It takes time to search the Scriptures, pray, and see what the Lord wants us to become and do. Changes may be uncomfortable and perhaps costly.

Living genuinely and maintaining front and back yards is only possible when we care for our hearts. It’s worth the time and investment and the color will be vibrant. And I went back to the nursery and bought colorful flowers for my backyard too.

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