A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Spirit & Body

We have two bodies as such. The physical body and our spiritual body. The Spirit is an important part of both. Giving our hearts to Christ brings that spiritual body into balance and therefore, helps us understand the ups and downs of the physical body – even accept them when others cannot.

Craving God

My dog craved being outside and active more than anything else.

I woke up one Saturday morning feeling tired and lazy. I knew I would enjoy a nice run if I went outside, but I had a hard time making myself go out the door. My dog, on the other hand, stood at the door, begging me to take him. As I drank coffee, trying to summon my desire to leave, he looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, attempting to hurry me out the door.

My life is often a series of craving the wrong things. I have had seasons where I have craved money, recognition, and approval more than the things of God. I have used food, exercise, other people, and material things to feed my inner pains instead of turning to Him. It’s okay to want to do things and have things, but we should only crave God.

I should crave God and His word the way my dog craves going for a run. I need to focus on Him, letting Him dominate my thoughts and actions. I need to be passionate about His word and read and meditate on it. His presence inside of me filters my words and actions. 

God gave us the ability to crave so we would crave Him. When we crave money, food, recognition, other people, drugs and alcohol, entertainment, sex, or anything else more than we crave Him, we will never have peace, joy, or happiness. I enjoy running, spending time with those I love, working, shopping, and eating, but I was made to crave only God.

Ask God to help you crave Him more than you do anything else. 

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When Faith Doesn't Move the Mountain

It definitely wasn’t the image I wanted to portray.

I sent my husband Tom to pick up the cakes I’d pre-ordered for the book launch party for the book I’d just written, The Immanuel Quilt. When he returned, I noticed the bakery had made a mistake. Instead of the cakes having photos of the book, they displayed images of my business card. It’s what every girl wants, right? A cake covered in whipped cream advertising her name and number.  

I expected two-hundred people to celebrate with me. Only forty did. What made me think so many would come? At one point, I’d even thought the venue was too small. I believed because I’d seen God’s works and come to expect the miraculous.

Jesus never once said, “Oh, ye of too much faith,” but He offered several warnings about too little faith.

Perhaps there’s been a time when you expected a miracle from God. A time when you showed mighty faith and believed your fervent prayers could move the mountain—only to learn they wouldn’t. You had faith a better job was coming, your marriage would be restored, or even your loved one would be healed. But it didn’t happen.

Disappointments are golden opportunities—a gift from God—to get to know Him better. We either believe He is over all things or that He’s not. He can allow the miraculous or withhold it. We have to accept His authority.

We should always want our words and actions to display the image of God we hope to portray—one of Christ living within us.

The next time faith doesn’t move your mountain and disappointments arise, keep trusting God and letting His image shine through. 

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Get Understanding

Alcoholism death rates are at an all-time high.

Knowing that drinking is accompanied by a risk of organ damage and death, many drinkers admit alcohol is their favorite device to help them deal with stress, grief, worries, relaxation, and pressure. They refuse to sacrifice it for a sober lifestyle.

We all have our favorite things in life: foods, vacation spots, TV shows, and people. The thought of giving up one of these can be unimaginable. Being asked to walk away from a treasure we hold dear to our hearts could make us say a few choice words unspoken for years. How dare anyone ask us to give up a favorite entrée or habit, a sentimental relationship, or a favorite pastime? If they cared about us they would not ask.

How could it please God to sacrifice what He loves so much: His only begotten Son? When I was fourteen, the Lord told me, “Anything you love, learn to let it go.” I now realize certain requirements have to be met to do this. It is impossible to give up anything . . . to sacrifice . . . without understanding the love of God.  

According to Christ’s example, we should be pleased to sacrifice our only. Like our Father, we should give up the now and focus on the later, which cannot be done from a selfish outlook, but is greatly rewarding. Once we understand Jesus equips us with more fulfillment than this world—and once we understand the significance of the cross—we can sacrifice anything.  

It pleased God to sacrifice His one and only. If His Son, why not your ____? People find many reasons for not sacrificing: fear, confusion, self-worth, competence, tradition, and trust. Understanding and believing what God has done communicates to us the strength we need to alter these beliefs. This helps us sacrifice our only coat, our only meal, our only five minutes, our only hearts.

In all your getting, get understanding.

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God Blesses Us

“How are you today, Pauline?” my co-worker asked as we passed each other by the copy machine.

“Better than I deserve,” I shot back.

Some think I am weird. Others build up my self-image with phrases like, You deserve good, Pauline. You’re a good person.

But I know better. I understand God found me, Christ died for me, and I live my life in His strength. So when I read of God’s blessings in His Word, I take notice.

In Psalm 67, the writer names how God blesses us: His face shines upon us, He judges uprightly, He guides the nations, and He causes the earth to yield its produce.

If you have ever witnessed the face of a new grandmother staring at her grandchild, you can picture that as God’s face shining on you and me. He guides the nations and is sovereign over the world. Even though it doesn’t seem that way to me, I trust God’s Word and trust Him to guide the nations. And produce? I live on a farm and have tasted the best tomatoes ever. It all comes from His hand. Those are some pretty heavy blessings.

God blesses us to make His way known, so people will praise Him, and so that all the earth may fear Him.

But I wonder if I’m making God’s way known to others, or if I’m too busy with this world and more excited about football than sharing the gospel? Or if I’m living a life of grateful thanksgiving and praise or being like Miriam in the Old Testament who was inflicted with leprosy because she grumbled. I can share the gospel by being clear that we are all sinners and need a savior, or sugarcoat it.

Answering my co-workers in the way I do reminds me of my blessings and my opportunity to bless others.

Make a resolution to meditate on God’s blessings and share them with others. You just might make hanging out at the copy machine more interesting. 

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Help Me Be Willing

During a meeting at church, an elderly member expressed the need for transportation to a doctor’s appointment. Although she spoke for an extended time about her problem, no one volunteered to take her, including me.

This woman had a notorious reputation for being a nonstop talker. Those attending the meeting were well aware of this. During the time she spoke, the quiet voice of God’s Spirit nudged me to volunteer. But along with the others, I remained silent. After I went home from the meeting, I continued to feel conviction.

Every morning I pray that I may be a helper, a blessing, and an encourager to others. I had been given an opportunity, but failed to take advantage of it. Now God reminded me of my prayers.

I determined to contact the woman the next day and offer to take her to her appointment. After making that decision, I felt God’s peace. God wanted to see if I was willing to help others as I asked to in my prayers or if I was simply repeating words.

When we pray about meeting the needs of others, we must also ask God to help us be willing. In 2 Corinthians 9:7, Paul says God loves a cheerful giver. This not only applies to the gift of material possessions, but also to the gift of our time, energies, and abilities.

When you feel the probing finger of God touching your heart as He did mine, don’t respond with a “No!” Ask Him to help you become more willing to reach out to others.

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