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Are You Thriving?

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10 NIV

Photo courtesy of microsoft office. A recent article stated that one of today’s major mental health problems is something referred to as FTT (Failure to Thrive).

Supposedly, FTT is not a form of mental illness but an absence of vitality—mental, emotional, and spiritual. While still able to function normally, we might lack hope, purpose, and most of all, joy. It robs us of the ability to delight in life.

When Jesus addressed the crowds of people with various problems, He said, I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. God’s will for us is not to simply go through life doing the best we can to make it from one day to the next. Living life to the full means flourishing. As Christians, we should be overflowing with the life of God, spilling it out onto those around us.

The Bible gives us three key ingredients for a life that flourishes:

LOVE: God is love, and that love has been poured out in abundance. When we draw from that wellspring of love, it will cover a multitude of sin, drive away fear, and keep our heart and mind settled and confident.

PEACE: God has given us a covenant of peace. He says if we keep our minds and hearts focused on Him, He will keep us in perfect peace. We can allow the peace of God to rule and reign and act as umpire continually in our heart. It’s our choice.

JOY: The Bible talks about joy unspeakable and full of glory. The joy of the Lord is our strength, and we can have His joy on the inside no matter what is going on around us.

If you’re experiencing weariness of the soul and a lack of direction and purpose, make it a priority to walk in the love of God, allow the peace of God to rule and reign in your heart, and let His joy fill you to overflowing.

No matter what the world says, knowing who we are in Christ and allowing Him to infuse our heart and mind with His wondrous gifts, will cause us to truly thrive.

(Photo courtesy of microsoft office.)

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Andrea Merrell

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  1. Sad but true. I'm going through a rough time, health wise, but with Jesus by my side, there is hope each day. He fills us with peace in the tough times as well as the good times.