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Crumpled Mess

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.  Psalm 34:17 NIV

Photo courtesy of morguefile and gleangenie.“Oooo … you better be careful, Grandma Sheryl!” squealed my four-year-old grandson. “It might fall down!”

Liam, his brother Miles, and I were playing a game which started with a block tower. The tower consisted of alternating rows of stacked wooden pieces. Each player, in turn, removes one block from under the stacked pieces. Then he places it on top. The process is repeated until the block tower falls over. The more blocks that are removed and placed on top, the more unsteady the tower becomes. Finally, when there are too many holes in the structure, the tower comes crashing down.

Liam removed the block which made the tower tumble. The blocks fell onto the hardwood floor with a loud crash. I thought for a moment Liam was going to cry. As soon as I saw the frightened look on his face, I assured him, “It’s okay, Liam.” I explained the blocks were eventually going to fall. We laughed at the crumpled mess of wooden pieces. Then I helped him pick them up and stack them into place for another game.  

Looking at the holes within the stacked blocks, I realized my life resembles that wooden tower from time to time. Satan is good at pulling the blocks out from under me and stacking them on top. Each time he does, my life becomes a little more unstable until, at last, it comes crashing down around me. When that happens, I have the tendency to want to cry such as Liam did. But each time I find myself in a crumpled mess, God lovingly tells me, “It’s okay, Sheryl. Let’s pick the pieces up and put them back together. We can start over again.”

Is your life full of holes and instability? Don’t let the stresses of life cause you to crumble. God is there. He is ready to pick up the pieces of your crumpled mess. He will hear your cry and with loving hands put you back together again.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and gleangenie.)

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Sheryl M. Baker

Sheryl M. Baker enjoys bringing hope and encouragement through God's Word. Her devotions have appeared in Light from the Word, The Secret Place, Power for Today, and christiandevotions.us. She is a contributing author to Yvonne Lehman’s books, Spoken Moments, More Christmas Moments, and Loving Moments. Sheryl lives in northwest Indiana with her husband Ben and spoiled cat Rex. Connect with Sheryl at sherylmbaker.wordpress.com or spunbythepotter.com.